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Wedding in Bali, Indonesia


ou can book your wedding day in advance, for just the two of you, or choose one of our larger wedding packages and invite a few family members and/or friends to share your special occasion at the location of your choice in Bali (wedding) or any surrounding island.

Many couples, that have already legally married to each other, choose Bali as the most romantic place to renew their vows and experience marriage in the land of the Gods. We can of course assist you in this purpose too.

Bali Satria Wedding are confident that you find our services and prices are second to none for wedding packages service in Bali.

Before you tie the knot, plan your wedding online with helpful tips and ideas, planning articles, wedding song lyrics and other useful information from the www.wedding-inbali.com website. You've gotten engaged, and decided to get married today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or maybe next year?  If you decided on today, next week or next month, where should you go?  Or maybe it's next year, or six months from now, and you feel the need for a planner to help you.

Bali Satria Wedding are proud to offer you our highly professional services with cheap packages and assure you that with our assistance your most special day in bali will be as smooth running and memorable as you would wish it to be. We belief that each client is individual, we are here will work with you closely to create your wedding event with reflects your wedding dreams to keeps your stress free, exceed your expectations and leaves you and your guest with happy memories.

Generally, person of any nationality who would like to marry in Indonesia providing they hold one of the five religions that recognized by Indonesia Government such as: Moslem, Catholic, Buddhist, Hinduism and Christian Protestant. Marriages under Indonesian law are performed by religious minister and the Catatan Sipil (Civil Registrar) or by the Kantor Urusan Agama (Directorate of Islamic Religion Affairs).

"Please note that the Bali wedding certificate issued by Indonesian Government, that is valid and legal in our country, and so in your country"


Your wedding day with our creations, for more information, please feel free to email us : contact@wedding-inbali.com

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+62 81 916 796 999
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